Our Story

We started Explore Hardware with a clear vision. To disrupt the home finishing industry. We are here to provide long-lasting pieces that enhance any space at price points that don't make you fall off your chair. 

Explore Hardware is the new e-commerce division of AHI Hardware, the hardware innovators for over 15 years specializing in hospitality, large scale residential projects as well as luxury homes. After providing hardware for hundreds of large scale projects and hundreds of thousands of doors we have taken all our experience and brought it directly to you.

We spent over 18 months designing and then again redesigning our products to make sure that they are easy to install yet look as luxurious as if you had the world's greatest designer and contactor in your home with you.

Born in Montreal, founded in 2020, Explore Hardware creates high quality products to elevate your home. 

Explore Hardware - Explore the possibilities