Interview: Home Design Tips From The LaMont Brothers! – Part 2

Interview: Home Design Tips From The LaMont Brothers! – Part 2

We promised a part 2 and we are keeping that promise :)

We asked the LaMont Brothers some additional questions, digging a little deeper into the building and design experience they have acquired throughout the years.

Both Chris and Calvin have been on many home building projects that helped to shape and build a foundation for all their knowledge. Now that they have a well established name and grown their identity in the architectural, real estate and contracting world, we would like to get a few more tips that would help guide our readers when they embark on their home renovation projects!

Let’s find out what they had to share with the Explore Hardware team….


Q 1- How do you evaluate the quality of any item you purchase for your home?


Calvin’s A: First impression I get is of how I feel when I first see, touch, and even smell a new piece I'm looking to incorporate in any of my designs. I look for uniqueness, material type, and then price. An item must be able to have form and functionality.


Chris’ A: I believe you elevate quality by paying attention to the details. You can use a 50 cents per square foot tile and make it look like it’s worth 100 dollars a square foot if you lay it right.  And you can make expensive tile look cheap if you don't install it correctly.

Q 2- What advice can you give young couples doing their own home renovations?


Calvin’s A: Slow down to speed up. Try to plan as much as possible, the design and materials choices in the beginning. Get multiple bids from reputable companies.


Chris’ A: Repurpose where you can and take your time. You don’t have to use the most expensive items to remodel.  Also doing the small changes make a big difference. For example, changing your doorknobs and hardware will give your house a fresh look and make a big impact.


Q3-  What was the worst mistake you had made in a home renovation and what did you learn from it?

 Calvin LaMont

Calvin’s A: Not understanding everything that needed to be done with a particular home because the items looked good on the surface. Had to replace a $13K roof at end of a project because the previous owners installed a new roof over old rotted shingles and wood. Learned to do my own due diligence every time. 


Chris LaMont


Chris’ A: Not doing something to save money in the beginning of a project, most times comes to bite you in the you know what. Lol.  Especially in a flip or investment home.  Make sure you take care of the major items like HVAC, electrical, plumbing and roof.  


Q4 – What's it like working with your twin brother?

The LaMont Brothers from HGTV's "Buy It Or Build It" show


Calvin’s A: Always something new when working with my twin. Nothing is off limits, and we definitely are both Alphas. But what's better than making a difference in communities across the nation while also making Money and being on TV with family. Nothing better!


Chris’ A: It's great when you want to give your opinion. We don’t hold back.  If I think he is wrong, or I have an idea, I say it and I don’t sugarcoat it.  But what’s great about it, just like on our HGTV Buy It or Build It, once a decision is made, we always work together to get it done.

The only bad thing is that we have to hear “I told you so” if I was wrong. :( 


And that is what siblings are for!

We love the synergy Chris and Calvin have, and how they transfer it on screen!

It was a pleasure for us to host The Brothers on our blog section and to get to know more about their history and their views on home building and home improvements.

It’s always important to keep in mind, “there is no place like home” so make sure you make it yours in any way possible, the rewarding part is getting that feeling of completion and satisfaction, being in a place where you can relax and make the best memories with the people that matter the most in your life!

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed!

Special thanks to the LaMont Brothers who have made this interview fun and interesting!

You can check out their profiles and get more familiar with their work here:

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Happy Renovating!