The LaMont Brothers & Explore Hardware


Welcome to another juicy blog article! This week, we have a special treat for you!

We were lucky enough to interview the LaMont brothers (Chris LaMont & Calvin LaMont) and got to know them a little better!

If you’re a huge architecture or interior design fan, you probably know them from their show on HGTV “Buy It Or Build It”, where they demonstrate different home building / renovating processes, and provide their exquisite taste and advice as they go, leaving their clients with beautiful looking homes where they feel  they are kings in their castles!

Recently the LaMont Brother and Explore Hardware have been in collaboration on many exciting new ideas, concepts and strategies for the coming year. Moving forward, Explore Hardware will be an important part of the LaMont brothers building journey as well as the LaMont brothers being a great partner in Explore Hardware’s brand growth and identity!

Let’s dive into the fun part! Here’s what we asked them:


Q 1- We know you for your passion for building, when and how did you discover this passion?

Chris LaMont & Calvin LaMont


Calvin’s A: Real estate has been a dream of mine right after being a professional football player. I can’t go anywhere without looking at the architecture, structure, or design of a building or space.

Chris’ A: I do have a passion for new construction development, but we started in this business flipping homes in Dallas Texas. Since college we wanted to get into the real estate business.  We love creating and doing things from scratch. That’s what real estate development is all about.


Q 2- Tell us about your journey from when it started to where you are today.

Inspirational Quote - Chris & Calvin LaMont


Calvin’s A: Moved to Texas at 22 with my twin brother looking to start immediately in real estate. It did not go that way! We faced lots of ups and downs. In 2010 we started our first company and continued to build and expand the company into what it is today, a real estate development company that works in cities across the US.

Chris’ A: Well, the book we have coming out will give the details, but we started this journey right out of college.  We came straight down to start real estate. But in 2007/2008 the recession had other plans for us. We had to pivot from the dream of real estate to the reality of trying to live! LOL. So, we started a janitorial and carpet cleaning business in 2010 then worked our way up to real estate.  It wasn't easy but we always had the goal of becoming real estate developers, so we made sure to get back to it. Only took about 3 years! Lol.


Q3- How do you stay informed on the latest design trends?

Calvin LaMont - Real Estate dream come true!


Calvin’s A: Always tapped into the industries best and taking inspiration and notes from our client's homes, travel, conferences, and of course our HGTV network family who are always pushing trends forward

Chris’ A: We are designers too. With the help of other designers, we come up with innovative floor plans and exterior plans to be able to stay fresh.  We use our life experiences of living all over the country growing up; New Jersey, New York, Maryland, DC Dallas. We take a little bit of all that culture and put it into our designs.


Q4 – Is a luxury home style achievable on a budget?

Chris LaMont - The Journey


Calvin’s A: We believe, and we succeed daily in creating and achieving luxury style in entry level and work force housing.

Chris’ A: That's what we do we 100% believe that you can have the luxury feel in any home, from entry level to the multi million-dollar home.  We actually started out building million-dollar homes.  Now we take what we did there and use those same designs and quality standards in our entry level and work force housing developments all over the country.


It is always a great opportunity to get into the mind of the developers. The LaMont Brothers’ story is truly inspiring. Despite all the curveballs life had to throw at them, they powered through and kept their eyes on the prize.

Stick around for Part 2 of the interview, as we dig in more into the designing and the building!

We hope you enjoyed the article as much as we have enjoyed making it.

For more on the LaMont Brothers you can check out their profiles here:

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