Phoenix 4&
Phoenix 4&
Phoenix 4&

Phoenix 4'' X 4''

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Update your doors with these beautiful and modern steel hinges. Our hinges are solid casted steel that is then laser cut for accuracy and perfection. All our hinges have square corners with ball bearings for smooth operation. They come in 3 sizes and they are finished in matte black

Material: Solid casted steel 

Corner: Square 

Size: 4'' X 4''

Ball Bearing: Standard

Installation: 3-4 screws per side of the hinge

Screws: Metal and wood screws included 

Tools required: Phillips head screwdriver

Installation time: 10-15 Minutes

Recommendation: 1 hinge per 30 inches of door height ( 90 inch door requires 3 hinges while a 91 inch door requires 4 hinges) 

Warranty: 10 years  

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