10 Easy & Affordable Bathroom Updates

10 Easy & Affordable Bathroom Updates

Your bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. We spend a lot of time there engaged in our various self-care routines, and for some of us our bathrooms are our sanctuaries. That’s why the space should feel comfortable, luxurious and like a salvation from outside stressors. So maybe you’re feeling like it’s time for your bathroom to get a makeover, but perhaps - whether due to budget constraints or not wanting to give up the use of your bathroom for days or even weeks - you’re unable to do a complete renovation. Well we’re here to provide you with ideas for quick upgrades you can do that are both easy and affordable!



Replacing sink faucet and showerhead

A new faucet can redefine the complete appearance of your vanity and evoke the feeling of a whole new design for your bathroom. You can also update your showerhead to a spa or rain style one. This will instantly make your bathroom feel more up-to-date and is one of the easiest DIYs around. Installing a shower head that has a hand held sprayer will also make it easier to clean the shower/tub. If you’re looking to replace fixtures, it’s best to replace them all (sink faucet, bath faucet, showerhead) at the same time, so as to ensure they all have the same finish. 



Bathroom walls - paint


Painting is a fast, easy and economical way to upgrade your bathroom and give it a whole new look and feel. Most bathrooms will only require one gallon and a single day to repaint. Seeing as the bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, when choosing colours, consider using soothing neutral tones on the walls, which will help instill a sense of calm. This will also provide you with a neutral backdrop where you can then bring in pops of colour in your linens and accessories. Shades of cream, white or ivory also reflect the most natural light for your morning mirror routine. Be sure to look for mold resistant paint and primer as the bathroom walls tend to get wet and retain moisture easily.    



Upgrade your bathroom lighting


If your current light fixture casts an unpleasant or harsh glow, consider replacing it with an LED one. Swapping out your current lighting can impact both aesthetics and function. You can find lighting to suit any style you’re going for, whether it’s romantic, sleek and modern, traditional, antique, or eclectic. If your bathroom is a smaller one and doesn’t have any windows, one light fixture is likely not enough, and you will definitely need LED bulbs as they are brighter. A lower wattage full-spectrum daylight bulb will be the best light for applying makeup. You can also consider putting the lighting on a dimmer for the times you want a softer glow. The ideal setup is to have one light on each side of the mirror, at eye level, so it doesn't cast an unflattering shadow on your face. This will likely require the expertise of an electrician and handyman, but won’t take longer than a half day’s work, and will be worth it when you see your perfectly lit face smiling back at you in the mirror!



Bathroom storage options

Transferring soap, shampoo, conditioner, as well as hygiene items like cotton swabs/balls to reusable containers can really elevate the look and feel of your bathroom, giving it more of a hotel vibe. In terms of storage space, if your bathroom is too small for an extra freestanding piece of furniture, take advantage of wall space by adding floating shelving or ladder shelves which can hold decorative baskets or bins, and won’t make your bathroom feel cramped.



Repainting the bathroom vanity

If you love your current vanity and it has good storage and nice lines, you may choose to refresh it with some new paint, as opposed to replacing it altogether. Replacing a vanity is often more complicated and expensive than homeowners think. A new vanity with professional installation will cost you on average $1500, and even more if new plumbing lines are required.  Repainting your vanity can save you a significant amount of money and time. As opposed to the paint on your bathroom walls, here is where you can add some bolder colour options as you won’t see these colours in your reflection in the mirror.



Bathroom tiling

Consider adding tiling to different spots in your bathroom. You can use peel and stick tiles to refresh the bathroom floor, or even add a backsplash. Chevron patterns are trendy and add a nice dynamic look, and subway tiles are a popular and timeless option that are usually more reasonably priced.



Bathroom wallpaper

Installing wallpaper, even to one accent wall, is a quick and easy way to add a punch of colour or pattern to your bathroom. Using a temporary peel and stick wallpaper will allow you to save even more time and money.



Bathroom artwork

Something you may not have thought of bringing into your bathroom space is plants and artwork. Plants will elevate the room and give it a fresh feel and add a beautiful pop of colour. Look for plants that do well in humid environments. If you have a blank wall, think about incorporating one statement piece of artwork or even a gallery of smaller framed paintings. This is a sure way to add personality to your bathroom and is something you can easily swap out over time. 



Update textiles in the bathroom

Changing out the textiles is an easy and budget friendly way to give your bathroom a refreshed look. Similar to a large painting, your shower curtain can add colour, texture and pattern to your bathroom. If you don’t have a window in your shower, you can buy a transparent curtain, and if you want the space to be light and bright you can purchase a textured white curtain. You can also use patterned fabric curtain panels (with a liner behind them) in place of a traditional shower curtain. Switching up the other fabrics in your bathroom such as window treatments, towels and bath mats, is something you can do fairly regularly when you feel your space needs a new look or a revitalized pop of colour/pattern. 



Update Hardware & Accessories


Ideally, you want all of your hardware to match in your bathroom, however, a simple update you can do is to incorporate a second finish with the accessories such as the toilet paper holder or towel bar. Matte black will look sharp with brass or chrome finishes for example. Another easy change you can make that will really pack a punch and elevate the whole vibe of your room, is to switch out the current hardware and accessories altogether. From new cabinet knobs, to drawer pulls, to towel holders/hooks, to toilet paper holders, there is definitely a style and finish you can find that will refresh and beautify your space!


If budget and time constraints don’t allow you the luxury of a full remodel, there are plenty of ways you can give your bathroom the TLC it needs with some simple and easy upgrades. We hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge of how to give your space an impressive makeover within a couple of days, without spending thousands of dollars in the process!

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