4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Hardware

4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Hardware

You’ve probably asked yourself this question before and we are here set the record straight!

Should I go with levers? Door knobs? What’s the difference? Which finish would suit my home better?
Let’s visit 4 tips that we have put together for you that will put these questions to rest :)

1 - How to choose between door handles and doorknobs


Door handles or Door knobs,


Here is the main difference between door handles and door knobs.
  • Door Handles: They are easy to manipulate and definitely are easier for people with limited mobility and children to operate. Usually they are installed in public places to answer everybody’s needs.
  • Door Knobs: They might require a little bit more effort to operate, but they also serve the same purpose and function perfectly.
What they both have in common is that they are both easy to install and don’t require any difference in door preparation. When it comes to choosing between having either one installed on your door, it will come down to two things:
  1. Who will be operating them?
  2. Which model do you really prefer :)

    2 – Choose your finish

    Door Knobs different finishes


    At Explore Hardware we have our 3 main hardware finishes that make each piece look wonderful and certainly enhance any room.
    • Satin Silver: It is a safe choice to go with satin silver as this beautiful finish offers a lot of flexibility. It matches with almost all the door colours and finishes. It will either blend in or stand out. Either way it will make your door look fabulous and timeless!
    • Matte Black: You’ve probably heard the expression “never judge a book by its cover” well in this case You can judge a room by its hardware! Matte black is a bold choice to make for your door hardware. The contrast that matte black offers insures a great balance and those little details stand out. Matte Black is definitely the in colour right now!
    • Satin Brass: Nothing says “stylish” more than Satin Brass! This gorgeous finish mixes perfectly with different home styles, whether you are going with modern, rustic or minimalist; Satin Brass has its own way of blending in and standing out at the same time. It portrays elegance and serves perfectly on dark or light surfaces!
    Which one will you pick? ;)


    3– How can you tell the quality of your hardware?


    Here are a few things to check before making a decision:

    • Weight: When you hold the product in your hand, does it feel light and easy to bend or break? Or does it seem heavy and sturdy? This little observation can help determine the quality of the base material. You can purchase products made of zinc, steel, brass. Know what you are buying!
    • Installation: this part should be easy to do. The parts should come together easily and without applying too much force. Once completely mounted, the door handle / knob should be operated smoothly and returning back to its original starting point. Are your door handles level (at 90 degrees) with the door? Your tubular latch mechanism should be strong enough to hold the handle up and return it to 90 degrees after rotation.
    • The packaging your hardware came in: hardware travels to get to you, if the packaging seems flimsy and doesn’t offer much protection, there is a high possibility that the hardware must have suffered a few nicks. Make sure you inspect it beforehand.


      4 - Hinges – The afterthought!

      Door Hinges


      This might not be the most interesting part when buying your hardware, however, hinges play a great role in how the door functions.

      At Explore Hardware, all our hinges are ball bearing, which means they last longer and are more durable than standard hinges that wear out more quickly due to the knuckles rubbing against each other.

      There is a fun part at choosing hinges, it’s making sure they match the rest of the door hardware! Unless you opt for mixed finish handle, then you’ll have 2 options to choose from, YAY!


      This wraps up our 4 top  tips to make your hardware shopping an easy and smooth experience.

      Don’t forget to check our website for more ideas and products! We are an email or a phone call away, let us know what you are looking for and we are ready to give you the best advice!

      Happy shopping! From all of us at Explore Hardware :)