5 Design Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Kitchen All Over Again

5 Design Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Kitchen All Over Again

The kitchen is the heart of the home – Let’s face it, it’s where the foods is!

We don’t realize it, but we use the kitchen the most amongst the other rooms in our home. It’s where we prepare the kids lunch boxes, make sure breakfast is ready, prepare lunch, organize the fridge and gather around for a lovely family meal after a long day.

Let’s not forget about those late night talks over the kitchen island or counter, that we all have enjoyed!

Has the time come to give your favourite room in the house some TLC?

We’re got some good ideas that you might want to take a look at for inspiration ;)


1 - Organizing your kitchen!


We’re talking organization beyond those little plastic trays we all went nuts for.

Present day kitchens are tending more toward the minimalist look, and it makes perfect sense! How comfortable would it be to have all your items put away, out of sight but yet at reach and accessible when they are needed?

Here is how you can declutter your countertop and organize your storage:

  • You can have a garage cabinet / built-in appliance panels for appliances that you use, but don’t need to have them around all the time. Having a clutter free countertop has many benefits more than just aesthetic, it makes it easier to clean and provides more workspace for when you’re preparing a meal.
  • Organize the inside of you drawers and cabinets with trays and separators, this will help you reach what you’re looking for nice and easy.


2 - Natural elements in your kitchen


Modern kitchen design with natural elements 


We dedicate time to go outdoor and be in nature, not realizing that we have the opportunity to bring in all those natural elements right into our home!

Here are a few natural elements that you can incorporate in your kitchen:

  • Ceramic backsplash and counter top are yet again a big hit in kitchen. With some uneven lines and irregular patterns, you are adding more life to your kitchen than you might know!
  • Plants and greenery, they are a great way to break the tonality and stand out, they look nice and can be used for decorative centerpieces on your island or dinner counter.
  • If you are aiming for that minimalist style, you have to find that balance where some elements are just blended in with the rest and others stand out. If you go for a dark tone colour for your cabinets, you can clash it with brass cabinet pulls which will stand out and give that special effect.


3 – Mixing finishes



There are numerous combinations that you can apply in your kitchen design that blends very well together and will give you that effect your are looking for.

Whether you are going for lighter tones or for dark ones, mixing finishes has always given a special wow effect to your kitchen.

A few ideas to give you a better perspective:

  • Why not go for that matte finish hardwood floor and combine it with a glossy marble finish for your countertop?
  • If you opt for the light colour for your floors, you can clash it with a dark finish for your counter. Contrast gives movement to the room and brings out the best elements.
  • If we’re talking about the cabinets, choosing a white finish would give you the freedom to choose whether you would want to go for satin brass cabinet pulls or Matte black.  However, choosing dark coloured cabinets will leave you with two choices for the pulls: Satin Silver or Satin Brass that will guarantee them standing out and giving a great effect and will mix well with the other finishes in your kitchen.
  • Elements you can incorporate in your kitchens:
  1. Wood
  2. Marble
  3. Metal (like the chairs and the fixtures)


4 – Modern vs. Vintage



It is not set in stone, whether you like different home design styles, it doesn’t mean that you can have one and not the other.

When you fall into a dilemma of which style to choose for your home, you can simply mix two styles together and get the best of both worlds.

You will have to be mindful with these mixes and not get a little too overboard with them as they tend to go wrong if you over do it.

Here are a few points that will help you get the results you’re seeking:

  • Remember we were talking about clear counter tops, well you can have a modern coffee machine vs. an antique utensils stand or wrack.
  • Plants also play a role in that vintage look while combining it with a little painting or  modern art frame
  • Modern looking cabinet can be combined with farmhouse cabinet pulls that will get you that gorgeous mix.
  • Speaking of farmhouse, we are falling in love with the farmhouse sink styles that are not only gorgeous to look at, but also very practical and easy to work with.


5 – Let’s talk about the colours for 2022



White and neutral tonalities have taken over in the past few years, and we are still loving every bit of it. However, colours are being integrated to this trend to break the routine, and to add a bit more life to your kitchen.

Not only that, but most designers are using these colours to achieve the mix of modern V/S vintage styles.

  • Green – Every tone of green has been on the rise, each giving a different style, whether you’re looking for the retro /vintage style or the modern stand out style, green has answered all of them!
  • Blue – and we mean different tonalities of blue, from a light blue/gray to a rich, dark, navy blue. This colour is easy on the eyes and a nice mix to have in the house. If you are a fan of satin Brass finishes, this should be your go to for your hardware!
  • Creamy, Beige & Taupe – These warm and natural colours are amazing to work with, you can simply add a few accessories and the colour choices to match with are endless!
  • White – while white kitchen cabinets are timeless and a great choice for resale value, they are also very easy to match your hardware to. Satin Brass will stand out perfectly and Matte Black would give that contrast of beauty :)


We enjoyed sharing with you our interior design knowledge, we hope it helps you achieve the kitchen you deserve!

A few tips can go a long way once they trigger your imagination :) 

Happy renovating! (Or Building!)