5 Home Decor Habits You Need To Break

5 Home Decor Habits You Need To Break

Whether you’re moving into a new home or have decided that your space needs updating, figuring out how best to decorate your surroundings so they represent everything you’re looking for can feel daunting and even sometimes confusing. You obviously want a cozy, comfortable and attractive living area that you love and are proud to host company in, but the question is how to get there without falling prey to the top decorating blunders. Sure, bringing in a pro such as an interior designer would be fantastic, yet let’s be realistic, not everyone can easily afford that. We’re here to outline 5 home decor habits that you need to avoid in order to end up with a finished product that you can fall in love with!



Artwork on the wall


We can all agree that artwork completes a room and ties the whole look together. However, most people are under the impression that their art needs to be hung high on the walls so that it stands out more, or because they feel that will make the space look bigger. Designers agree that hanging art too high looks awkward in the room, and in actuality, an art piece should be hung at average eye level so that the piece can be properly viewed and admired. A good rule of thumb when hanging a piece above a couch for example, is that you want it low down enough so that it feels a part of the room, but also high enough so that when you sit back on the couch it won’t be in your way. Also, feel free to play around with hanging several smaller pieces of art together rather than one large piece. This is one way to add more elements of interest in your room.




As with a lot of larger decor pieces, rugs can be expensive. Yet that doesn’t mean you should be purchasing smaller rugs. A too small rug will throw off the whole scale of your space and make the room feel smaller than it is. Although a rug is a focal point in your room, you also don’t want it to take up all the floor space. As a general rule, the front legs of all the seating in the space should fit on the rug. And don’t forget the carpet pad, no one wants their rugs slipping around - on top of not looking good, it’s a safety hazard!





People sometimes forget about the lighting in a room when they’re decorating because they’re more focused on bigger items such as furniture, paint colours, art, rugs, etc. However, bad lighting can really do a number on the decor in a room. It’s common for people to think of only using overhead light fixtures, but this can cause the space to look dark and feel dull. By utilizing lights on every level of the room, such as lamps on sidetables for example, it draws your eyes around the entirety of the space and makes it brighter and cozier. Layering lighting will also allow your art, rugs and furniture to shine.



You have to conceptualize the overall scale of a room before you decide what furniture you want to place in there. You also need to understand the scale of the different pieces of furniture relative to each other. Putting a too small or too large piece of furniture in a room will set everything off balance and look unappealing. Visually speaking, it’s also nice to have furniture of varying sizes in a room as this will provide the most balanced and harmonious look. It may seem like basic advice, but don’t forget to measure the room, and as many times as necessary to get it right!





People often think that putting furniture against the walls will make the room look larger. In reality, this habit makes the room appear smaller and gives off the vibe of being uninteresting and boring. You want to draw family and guests into a space that feels intimate and warm. Try pulling some furniture pieces away from the walls and utilize the whole room space. This will give off a more dynamic and inviting feel you can be proud of.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the 5 home decor habits you may be doing wrong. Don’t be afraid to take some risks in your decorating journey - remember to have fun while still keeping in mind the pointers you learned here!

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