5 Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Property Value

5 Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Property Value

Whether you are selling your home, or simply doing renovations adding value to your property is always a great thing!  Here are 5 inexpensive ways to do so!

1 - Changing kitchen cabinet handles & accessories



  • Cabinet handles / knobs: This small change makes a huge difference. They can give your cabinets a new and refreshed look as well as add value, just make sure you find the right color and texture to complement the cabinet finish.
  • Towel racks: we all know how wet a kitchen towel can get. A towel rack placed by the sink or close to it give practicality and keeps your towel nice and dry once you’re done with it.


2 - A clutter free kitchen looks good!


  • Wall mounted hardware: Whether it be for your spatulas, spices or mugs, mounted hardware in the kitchen saves space and leaves your cabinet and countertop clear from unnecessary clutter, keeping your things out of the way but at reach.


3 - Storage areas

  • Everybody likes an organized kitchen where you can easily find what you need. Pantries can be tricky in that department; however, a pull pantry can be an excellent choice for practicality and to improve your kitchen value. It has a big storage capacity and items can easily be grabbed from both sides. And yes, we have the pulls for that too ;)
  • If you have an open shelving area, you can install sliding doors to come to the rescue when you need to hide that little mess that happened earlier! With nice door pull the results would sure look neat!
  • Sliding shelves or a lazy Suzanne can be a great way to add more ease into storing in your cabinets. These installs can be easy to make and not cost too much, the best part is, they add more value to your kitchen and your home value overall.


4 - Lighting



5 - Door Handles and Accessories


  • A simple and inexpensive change like changing all your door handles from old to new, can truly refresh and give your doors a WOW factor!
  • Did you know that anyone can change their handles in under 15 minutes with only a screwdriver, no need for a professional, this is DIY!
  • Right now, black and gold are very in! adding texture and knurling to the handles will give a real feeling of luxury and it elevates any space. Add little things that make anyone visiting your home





Changing the hinges, door stops and coat hooks to something more luxurious is another small way to make a big impact!

Happy renovating from Explore Hardware team :)