5 Interior Design Inspirations You Don’t Want To Miss!

5 Interior Design Inspirations You Don’t Want To Miss!

The Explore Hardware team has had the great pleasure of organizing a photoshoot in one of the greatest, most elegant newly built homes in Montreal.

Where we were taken by this home’s class, beauty and harmony. We were so excited by the opportunity that we absolutely had to share our experience with our interior design fans!

Without further ado, feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful home interior design there is in Montreal.


1- The Entrance

Living room, entrance interior home design ideas and inspiration


Right when you walk in, you are greeted with a vast and spacious open concept living space. This is where minimalism and bold colours meet and make a perfect combination to bring out the most captivating details.

With windows stretching over 8 feet tall, it is safe to say that the natural light fills the space and gives it a beautiful lighting that makes you want to stay in that room and enjoy a delicious cappuccino or your favourite martini with your family or friends.

The sectional sofa is a dark gray, that finds the right balance between the flooring colour and the white walls. With adjustable back rests, customizing the way you prefer to sit, it is simply a breeze!

Suspended from the ceiling, is an exceptional chandelier that radiates style and elegance. You can’t help but admire how beautiful it is, as it looks like a floating cloud, which makes this lighting piece an M.V.P. in lifting this space.

The center coffee table, is a round shape with a dark surface. Adding white decor elements, absolutely does it justice!


2 - Kitchen

Kitchen, modern look, interior home design inspiration


Neighbouring to the entrance, is an eye catching open space concept kitchen. With its white marble island, you can’t do anything else but fall in love with how elegant it looks.

You might wonder where do all the kitchen appliances and necessities go, well… you might have heard of the term behind the scenes, and it applies in this case. To keep the look and feel both sleek and minimalist style, there is another hidden section behind the cabinets, with numerous cupboard and storage spaces for all your kitchen needs.

Out of sight, but not out of mind!


3 – Dining Room

dining room interior home design inspiration


Semi separated from the kitchen sits a flawless dining area, with a stunning dining table made entirely from white with black grain marble.

The chairs made entirely from creamy white colour fabric, tone down the shiny finish of the table to find that perfect balance of elements.

It says both, intimate family gatherings and also lavish dinner parties with friends!


4 – Living Room

living room interior design home decor inspiration


We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that we were taken by that gorgeous living area. With sofas stretching across the room, they have done it justice choosing this eye catching, white fabric with a fabulous texture.

Light colours are known to not only brighten, but portray a more grandiose presence of the element in question.

Designed in the most elegant and beautiful way, this room serves for gatherings, or simply sitting down for a relaxing read. It is the perfect spot in the house!

We noticed also the addition of a natural element at the corner of the room, which is definitely a great win in home decor!


5 – Meeting Room / Study

Work from home office interior home design and decor inspiration


Getting used to the idea of working from home, one can only do right by adding a conference room, to serve its purpose.

The choice of wall colours says business, however, the décor on the shelving says style!

Very well structured and placed in the house, this room accommodates 4 people for a meeting, and has all the facilities to make your work day from home, as easy and enjoyable as possible.

It was truly an unforgettable experience being present in this house, and experiencing each and every room.

Small details make a huge difference, this is our philosophy. For interior architecture and interior design fans, this is an inspirational place.

Each and every element is there for a reason, to stand out or to complement the other one.

We hope this article helped you get inspired for you new interior design project!

Stay on the look out for new blog articles coming soon!

Until then Happy decorating!