5 Customer Installs You Will LOVE!

5 Customer Installs You Will LOVE!

Hello and welcome to another interesting and inspirational read! :)

This one is dedicated to all of our amazing customers who went that extra mile and shared with us their Explore Hardware experience. We loved that they shared with us how the pieces really lifted the look and feel of their homes! Frankly, it’s our favourite part of the job ;)

For us, it is truly a pleasure seeing our customers enjoying their new products and knowing that it’s money well spent.

Yes, it’s the “100% happiness guaranteed” moments that make all the difference!

In that same spirit, we thought of putting together a compilation of the best installs we’ve seen, to help you gather inspiration for your next home renovation project, and then, you will share with us how it turned out to get featured on our Instagram page!

Let’s GO!


1 – Kelsey, Who made a fantastic transformation using the Soho handle.


Soho handle in matte black on a square rosette knurled


Kelsey is an inspiration for everything lifestyle, DIY and Design.
She does it all, from being a pastry chef to carpentry. She truly inspires many with her sense of style and organization.

In her project Kelsey painted her doors a grey colour and used our Soho handle, we can say that the results have exceeded her (and our) expectations!

Door handles- I used @explorehardware soho matte handles and I am obsessed. They gave these doors the modern look I was going for!

“Amazing what a little trim, paint and new door handles can do!”

Here at Explore Hardware, we work hard to make sure our products are delivered to their new homes quickly, efficiently and safely, so they are in perfect condition and ready to install… but we don’t always get to see how they ended up looking in their final set up! Seeing pictures and reading testimonials, makes it all worth it :)


Soho Handle in matte black, knurled on a door in a lifestyle shot


2 – Tanya, who did it just right with the Geneva handle!

geneva handle in mixed finishes matte black and satin brass knurled


Tanya has shared her passion for home, lifestyle, DIY’s and fashion through Instagram. She included Explore Hardware in her DIY project, and we absolutely love it!

Known as @_the_woodworkers_wife on Instagram, Tanya shared with us a beautiful reel proving that small changes like door handles, make a huge difference!

The Geneva Handle sure looks amazing in this setup :)

Here’s what Tanya had to say: “There are door handles and there are THE door handles!

This may seem like a small change, but it makes a world of a difference. When I first stumbled upon @explorehardware I instantly fell in love with these handles, and they did not disappoint. The quality and design is truly exceptional and there’s a design for everyone.

We have quite a few black and gold accents throughout the house, they’re subtle but very much there. The handles compliment the accents and are a feature piece on their own.”

Here’s to another successful install!

Thank you, Tanya!


Geneva Handle in a lifestyle shot


3 – Kassandra DeFrancis – The excitement never stops with her DIY projects!


Bali knob, Carson hook and Halsey pull


Kassandra became a friend of the brand!

We are always excited to be part of her DIY projects, and we know the results are going to be stunning!

She has made numerous changes to her home and camper, and we have been in each and everyone one of those living spaces!

In each project, she used different pieces like, Bali knob, Carson coat hook and Halsey door pull.

We also had the pleasure to interview Kassandra and get her opinion on different design aspects, feel like another good read? You can click here for the article.

Thank you, Kassandra, for the beautiful work you do and for always including Explore Hardware!

To check out her stunning work! Here’s her Instagram profile @yzfhomedecor


Bali knob in matte black on a door in a lifestyle shot


4 – Larissa Maestro enjoying the smooth Champagne handle!


Champagne handle in satin brass on a round rose


Larissa Maestro who is the Lead Interior Decorator at Toronto based interior design studio Maestro Design Co.  Shared with us her install of the champagne handle on Instagram, you can check out the reel here

The contrast of the door color and the satin brass is the perfect colour combination that brings out both elements and showcases a classy and elegant overall look!

Larissa’s work promotes approachable and affordable interior transformations.

Beauty and luxury interiors do not need to break the bank! That is our philosophy.

A huge thanks to Larissa for sharing her beautiful work with us!

Champagne handle in a lifestyle shot


5 – Synclaire Lawson who transformed her home entrance with our Lisbon Knob


Lisbon door knob in satin brass on a square rosette


We had fun seeing this evolution come to life! Synclaire has a great  passion for pretty spaces, neutrals, texture, and earthy elements. You can find her on Instagram @linenoaksinteriors

Thanks to her exquisite taste and sense of style, she captured the true beauty of a doorknob and how it can really lift a space.

Once the Lisbon knob was installed, she couldn’t keep her hands off it!

In her own words “This new door hardware from @explorehardware is INCREDIBLE guys! Seriously solid metal, phenomenal quality, and absolutely STUNNING. I can’t get over it. I keep opening this coat closet just for the experience of the handle 😂😍 It’s THAT good!
Check out @explorehardware for all of your hardware needs!! ”

We don’t blame you Synclaire!


LIsbon door knob in a lifestyle shot


We had selected 5 installs from a long list of favourites!

We will be back with more client installs. We know it is a great way to inspire you with great ideas for your own interior renovation projects! The main idea is to show you how our products fit into the home style you are looking for and stands out from the other elements to bring in that special effect everyone needs in their home.

We’ve said it before and we keep saying it over and over, small changes, make a huge difference! Try it for yourself and share with us the results!

We hope we inspire you for your own project! You can browse for more handles, knobs, kitchen/bathroom pulls or door pulls and much more on our shop HERE.

Until next time! Happy renovating & building!