5 Tips For The Perfect Minimalist Design

5 Tips For The Perfect Minimalist Design

Many of us live busy and hectic lives on a daily basis, and they say that our living space is often reflective of what’s going on inside our heads. While we may not always be able to change the level of stress we experience in our day to day, one of the easiest things we can do to de-stress our minds and live more peacefully, is to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. 

Now, let’s explore ways that we can incorporate minimalism into our home design, and in turn bring some Zen into our lives!

 Before we begin, let’s talk about what minimalism means. It’s about simplicity and comfort and finding balance amongst all decor elements. It’s living with less of the “stuff” that clutters our space and in turn, our minds. It’s about calm and peaceful energy, and quality over quantity. Although minimalism equates to a ‘less is more’ mentality, it’s quite the opposite of boring because it means that each component of the decor is there for a designated purpose, so every element you bring into your space ends up shining and packing a bigger punch!

Keep reading for 5 fast and easy tips you can use to create the perfect minimalist design in your home, and create an atmosphere you and your loved ones can breathe freely in.



The basic premise of minimalism is living with less stuff, and especially having less stuff on display. It’s ok to hang on to a few things for sentimental reasons, but If you haven’t used something in years and it no longer serves a purpose in your home or in your life, then it’s time to get rid of it. The goal is to have less on your shelves, desks, kitchen counters and living/dining room tables. You can sell, consign, or trash stuff you no longer need, but why not also consider donating items to those that can use it more, as this is a sure way to make you feel better about decluttering.  





When we make purchases without really knowing why or where we’re going to use certain items, we end up with a lot of unnecessary clutter. The minimalist mindset means you need to be intentional with how you choose to decorate. Knowing exactly where each element is going to go, whether it be a large piece of furniture or a smaller accent item, will lend itself better to minimalistic design. Going into each purchase with an intention in mind will help limit you to exactly what you - and your home - love, need and will use.





For items you still need in your house but you don’t want on display, try concealed storage as a great way to keep things out of view. Utilize rolling bins under your bed to store clothing you’re not currently wearing, or other items not needed daily. Ottomans with storage also serve a dual purpose and are another great way to hide throws, extra pillows, books/magazines, and remotes which take away from the minimalist feel of a room.




Minimalist palettes often begin with neutral colours such as grey, taupe, beige, black and white. In general, solid colours, as opposed to patterns, lend better to simplicity as well. By all means feel free to add pops of brighter accent colours, but in keeping with the minimalist vibe, limit your colors to mostly monochromatic with small variations in tone and shade. If you want to add small splashes of colour and texture, you can do so through art pieces, different textiles and plants or florals.




Lighting plays a big part in minimalist decor. Light makes your room feel clean and bright, which are cornerstones to minimalism. You want as much natural light as possible to shine in your room - becoming a decor element all of its own. Bringing the outdoors in is key in minimalist design. To best achieve this, if you have windows in the room, try using a sheer window covering to bring added light into the space. In rooms with no or few windows, try a modern and sleek light fixture that will brighten up the space and add a pop of streamlined character.       


We hope you learned some tips and tricks that will help you create a calming and minimalist design in your home. Now you can stop, breathe, and embrace your clutter free and peaceful living space.  

Remember, decorating should be fun, whether you’re going the minimalist route or not. Don’t stress it, embrace the opportunity to tap into what you truly love and want to have on display in your home. You can also try integrating minimalist design into your space one room at a time, and be sure to have patience with it as you go through the process. 



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