Best Ways To Update Your Patio For Summer

Best Ways To Update Your Patio For Summer

Who doesn’t love dining on a patio on a glorious summer day or evening? Patios offer the feeling of the fresh outdoors while being in the comforts of your home. If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, such as a backyard or patio, now is the perfect time to spruce it up! Even if you have limited space in an apartment or condo but have a balcony, some of these tips can still be incorporated into your smaller outdoor area. So whether you adore entertaining, or just want to design your own little private patio oasis, these ideas will help you create the perfect outdoor space that you will want to relish all summer long!



Small outdoors space, 2 chairs and a table with a plant


With summer’s warm and beautiful weather along with the fact that we have daylight longer into the evening, why not maximize the time to enjoy your meals al fresco! If you don’t have space for a large table, you can add a smaller bistro style table with a couple of chairs. Having a designated spot in the morning sun to have your coffee or protein shake can save you a few bucks and be just as enjoyable as going to your local coffee shop/juice bar. Add some small plants or flowers to the table, or even various lighting in the form of patio lanterns, candles or string/rope lights to really set the mood. If you have the budget, investing in an outdoor fire pit can be a fantastic way to add ambiance to your outdoor dining.



outdoor seating, hammock floating chair


Need a break from lounging on the couch all day? Grab your sunscreen and head to your patio to soak in that much needed Vitamin D. No matter the size of your space, you are sure to find functional and beautiful seating that will fit. There are many different kinds of fun seating options: try a lounge chair, a rocking chair, a couch or even a hanging chair or hammock. Incorporate some outdoor pillows and blankets to make it as comfortable as your living room couch. Bring out a book, your kindle, or laptop to enjoy your favourite indoor activities outdoors! You may also want to consider having a professional build your seating so that it is customized to your space.



Designated zones in the backyard or pool side lounge and dining

If you work from home you know how crucial it is to have a designated work area. The same holds true for your outdoor space. It’s important to incorporate specific zones within your patio or backyard in order to have separate spaces for your casual lounging and your dining. Think of the activities you will use your outdoor space for and try and define an area for each one of them. The best way to create designated zones is to visually separate them. You can do this by mixing up the flooring and including an outdoor rug or two. Adding some taller plants is another great way to separate spaces. You can also create different levels by building a deck or platform. 


 Outdoor flooring wooden patio texture and style

Whether you’re building a new outdoor space or updating your current one, the right flooring makes all the difference. With so many choices it’s easy to incorporate a few of them to help beautify and define your space. From tile and gravel, to stone and wood, your options are nearly endless when it comes to creating a stunning and functional patio environment. Once your flooring is set, consider adding some outdoor rugs to further warm up the area. You can always speak to a landscaping professional to explore all the various possibilities.




Texture and colour to the outdoor area

Similar to your inside decor, integrating colour and texture can really help make your outdoor space shine. Whether through plants, furniture or textiles, adding vibrant colours is a sure way to make your outdoor area fresh and bright. You can add colourful flowers to your garden or multi-coloured pots and planters to your patio. If you have a smaller outdoor space, think of placing your plants and flowers vertically to incorporate different colours and textures. You can also include brightly coloured blankets, pillows and kitchen ware, including cups, dishes, bowls, utensils, and pitchers for your sangria! Try matching some of these items to your flower and furniture colours to create an overall cohesive look.


June 21st is the first day of summer, so now is the perfect opportunity to start updating your patio and outdoor spaces in order to maximize your enjoyment of these precious summer months!

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