Bringing The Farmhouse To Your City House

Bringing The Farmhouse To Your City House

Those who love watching HGTV with all the makeover stars converting homes into beautiful pieces of art, can certainly appreciate the work that goes into transforming properties into a ranch or farm décor abode. Even if you haven’t watched any of these shows, Youtube, Instagram and other on-line or hardcover magazines have likely inspired you with imaginative modern farm or ranch-style homes. And if you missed all that, then you must have seen Kevin Costner in the TV show Yellowstone and that must have brought the rancher feeling into your designer mind! The interesting part about the TV designer renovations is that it almost always boosts the value of those homes by triple digit percentages. Whether it’s a full makeover, a single room, or some accents, we have 5 of our top renovations that can help take your pad from something basic to the spectacular ranch-style home of your dreams!


1 - The Lovely Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse modern sink with a gold brass faucet


Who doesn’t love when home renos aren’t just gorgeous, but also functional?! Having that deep, single-basin farmhouse sink you’ve been coveting will go extremely well with your new rustic redesign. The farmhouse sink offers you plenty of space, which is great, but it does translate to less under sink storage. This can be a pro or a con, but although this type of sink will require more water to fill the basin, more space means it’s easier to fill and clean large pots and pans! This style of sink is often a statement piece that can fully transform the look of your kitchen counters.


2 -The Beauty of Pendant Lighting

pendant lighting sleek and square steel


This gorgeous set of lights appears to be inspired by stately, carriage lanterns and displays an open frame made from sleek square steel. Pendant lights are utilized to add a contemporary touch to a rustic interior. They are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops and dining sets. The open, glass-free frame provides a beautiful minimalist finish to these lights. A rustic industrial pendant light or a modern glass pendant light are also popular choices that pair well with farmhouse designs.

3 - Stunning White Wall Panelling

White wall paneling in a living room

Panelled walls are ideal in the heart of the home - the kitchen, but can also serve as a subtle statement in entrance ways or even a family room. Guests will instantaneously feel at home in this cozy addition without immediately recognizing the impact of the white panelling. A full wall of white panelling will really brighten up your home, and will pair beautifully with matte black accessories and soft grey accent colours. The white panels also blend nicely with reclaimed barn wood and the attractive shininess of coppers.


4 - Classic Barn Doorsbarn doors interior farmhouse style


No ranch-style home is complete without a set of sliding barn doors. Completing the barn door look is a fairly low maintenance renovation. The initial step is to decide what type you want to have in that room, a classic door crafted from reclaimed barn wood, or a polished and painted door. The next step is to purchase the necessary hardware and find a handyman who can install the track to make sure your door slides properly.


5 - Playful Word Art

Laundry room word art funny decoration


Word art is a definite way to spice up a room in your ranch-style home. We think a classic font will add character to liven up any room, including your boring laundry room. Incorporate these playful words and phrases in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to bring character into your personal space. We feel it’s ideal to be creative and try to stay away from those common cliché sayings, however, if you’re feeling compelled to see a daily reminder to live, laugh and love, then by all means, go for it!


We hope this article helped get your creative juices flowing, but if you need an extra push, go turn on your favorite HGTV show, grab a home design magazine or tune in to the next episode of Yellowstone to get further inspiration! Your modern farm or ranch-style dream home is closer than you think, you just need to plan, budget and take the leap, we promise you won’t regret it!

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