Design Trends For The 2022 Summer Season

Design Trends For The 2022 Summer Season

We’ve all been there. The feeling that we are spending much more time at home than we ever did. Honestly, these past couple of years have made a huge impact on everybody, but it is in our nature to make the best out of any situation and to keep moving forward.

With that being said, we all have felt the need to make some changes to our living spaces, whether it is big or small, home renovation is always a good step to make!

We are going to share with you some of the best design trends that are here to stay!

1 - Bring that natural vibe with rattan material


Nothing says summer and beach more than Rattan, it gives your space a boho beach look and feel.

"This classic 70s material is being revived with straighter lines and darker or mid-tone stains," said Interior designer Jonathan Miller of design firm Jsquared .

You do not need to have a big space to include rattan, it can give an organic feel to minimal spaces and blends well with a mid-century modern design. Small decorative elements made from rattan can give that same effect you are looking for!


2 - Built-in storage is here to stay

The beauty of this design trend is that it can be customized to your storage needs.

"Specialty cabinetry is no longer just for the kitchen and bathroom," "We're seeing built-ins made from everything from acrylic to concrete." - Said Interior designer Leslie Murphy, owner of Murphy Maude Interiors

This design trend gives you the opportunity to customize your storage to suit your style and needs . Different styles can be used, systems such as low wall cabinets that can double as seating or swap freestanding bookshelves for built-in shelving. 


3 - The British revival look is the thing to do now!


Updated floral patterns can mimic a British-revival look.
Mixing classic and modern British-style elements is definitely in vogue this season.

"British revival is in," said Miller. She's seeing a lot of furniture with floral-patterned chintz fabric, a type of cloth with a glazed finish. 

To reproduce this look, think bold floral wallpaper, chintz curtains, and up cycled vintage furniture. That should do the trick!


4 - Who doesn’t like looking at pictures? The gallery-wall trend is stronger than ever

A piece of original art on a gallery wall makes a bold statement.

Leaving a bare wall can make the place look a little dull. You can create your own gallery wall, by including the art style you want. Any addition can wake up the area.

"Gallery walls look best when done using coordinating frames," "I'd also recommend using a piece of original art as the focal point." - Johnathan Miller

It is also recommended by Mr. Miller to incorporate shelving for pottery or sculptures as it gives depth and dimension to a gallery wall.

5 - Sculptural sofas are a cozy spring trend. 

If you are looking to have an eye-catching element in a room, going for sculptural sofas is a winning choice.

Design magazines are all talking about the impact sculptural sofas have, and how this trend is picking up real fast.

" The soft edges and deep seats of a curved sofa make it an inviting place to sit," said Miller. "It exudes subtle sensuality and creates warmth on cold evenings."

To give the right effect you are looking for and do justice to your sculptural sofa, make sure the rest of your decor creates a sense of balance.


We love sharing design tips to help you with your home renovations. Don’t forget to take a look at our products page, we have great designs and finish that suit each and every taste!