Designing Dreams: An Insightful Interview with Samantha Marini of M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors 

Meet Samantha Marini and Amanda McElligott, the dynamic duo and creative force behind M Studio Design. In this exclusive interview, Samantha Marini, shares her journey into the world of design, her unique style, and valuable insights into the art of interior design.


1- How did it all start?

Samantha Marini - M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors 

When we asked how she discovered her passion for design, Samantha recounts her journey, revealing that her love for design began at the young age of 12. Instead of watching cartoons, she found herself captivated by HGTV, sparking a passion for transforming spaces that has shaped her career.I knew early on that I loved seeing how a space could be completely transformed.


2- We’re talking style.

Lake Brome - M Studio Project         
Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors


Eugene Lonesco Project - M Studio Design
Photo Credit: Melinda Recine - Melinda Recine Photography


Every designer has their own style, and it shows in their work. This is how Samantha defines her design style as transitional, seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements. She shares how this dynamic style plays a pivotal role in collaborating with her team and enhancing the uniqueness of each project.


 3 - Who were the design influences and inspirations for Samantha?

Clement Project - Samantha Marini M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Melinda Recine - Melinda Recine Photography 


Samantha draws inspiration from renowned designers like Amber Lewis, Kelly Wearstler, and local favorites such as AKB Design. Discover how these influencers contribute to the creative vision of M Studio Design.


4- Catching the latest interior design news and trends.

Martinique Project - MS Studio Design

Photo Credit: Melinda Recine - Melinda Recine Photography 


Samantha discusses the role of social media, travel, and upcoming plans for attending trade shows in keeping the design team at M Studio abreast of the latest trends and innovations in interior design.


5 - What are some of the challenges interior designers face today?”

bathroom custom cabinet

Photo Credit: Melinda Recine - Melinda Recine Photography 

living room cabinets - custom made

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors

mudroom custom made cabinets

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors


When we asked for an example of a project where she had to work within tight budget, Samantha Marini shared a budget-friendly success story, emphasizing the importance of creativity in transforming spaces without compromising aesthetics: “Although we are able to work within different budget ranges, we thrive on custom cabinetry. We've worked on many projects where we've tailored the design to fit our client's storage needs. Mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens & even a custom bookshelf in a fireplace! Amanda & I thoroughly enjoy working on projects where we can showcase any type of craftmanship


6 - Advice coming straight from the designer herself!

Lake Brome Project - M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors 


Samantha stresses the importance of organization in the initial stages of a project. "Not many people realize all the work that goes on behind the actual design. We always tell our clients that if you start strong with a good floor plan, schedule, and clear material list from the get-go, then the rest should flow smoothly!"


7 - What are some common design mistakes and how to avoid them?

Rivau Project - M Studio Design


Samantha unveils common design mistakes and offers practical do's and don'ts for achieving impeccable home designs.
  • Light fixtures: Hanging them too close to the ceiling, making the space feel awkward and disproportionate.
  • Mirrors & Artwork: Either hung too high or too low – finding the right height compared to the wall length is key.
  • Curtains: When hanging curtain rods, the best practice is to place it as close to the ceiling as possible. This is a great trick to make your ceilings seem higher and give it a more elevated look!


8 - Space Planning!

Disceola Project - M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors 


Samantha emphasizes the significance of space planning as the foundation for any design project. This will decide the layout & function of any space (bathroom, kitchen, living, etc.).
Bonus tip: Always make sure you have enough circulation space so that items in the room don't feel too tight or close to each other.


9 - How do you persuade clients to consider certain design ideas?

Candiac Project - M Studio Design

Photo Credit: Corey Kaminski - MTL Interiors 

Trust is key for Samantha. Her approach to building trust with clients is through previous projects, as well as showcasing her problem-solving technics and explaining the design process.



Interior design planning

Samantha’s ability to make quick decisions is considered her greatest skill. It's often the case when a certain aspect on site must be changed or adjusted. “It's important for us to be able to adapt to new situations without compromising the overall design look & feel.”


Samantha Marini's passion, creativity, and insightful approach to design makes M Studio Design a powerhouse in the industry. As we conclude this interview, we're left inspired by her dedication to turning design dreams into reality.

Connect with Samantha Marini:
Instagram: @mstudiodesignmtl

The Explore Hardware team wishes to thank Samantha Marini for her time and expertise. We appreciate her sharing her design journey and experience with us and our readers!