Inside The Mind Of A Designer! Interview With: Kassandra Defrancis

Interior design Interview with Kassandra Defrancis

Planning plays an essential part in renovating or decorating your home. Sometimes it takes up a lot of your time, energy and money to figure out what works best, and you’re still not sure if you’re making the right move!

This is why, we decided to get brilliant ideas and tips from an amazing designer herself!

Kassandra Defrancis, has a huge passion for interior design, and we can see her elegant, and tasteful design choices on her Instagram page @yzfhomedecor

We took the opportunity to ask Kassandra a few design questions that will come to the rescue when you’re facing a designer’s block (yeah sometimes it’s a thing!)


1- Q: As an interior designer, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?


A: I love helping clients with a design dilemma that they may have been struggling with for a while! I also love when the project all comes together in the end! That’s like Christmas for me! Who doesn’t love a transformation though, right?


2- Q: Before starting on a new design project, what are the key things to consider?


A: I think the key thing to consider before starting a new project is to ask yourself what pieces or elements do you really want included in the design. What are your must-haves for the space? So, this can be something like artwork in a living room which can then be used to pull colours together for the space. Or maybe it’s some hardware you have been pining for that sets off a modern vibe for a kitchen reno! Inspiration can come from so many places, so it’s helpful to make a mood board with photos or textiles to really bring all your ideas together!


3- Q: Which is most important, aesthetics, functionality or both? And why?



A:  For me it's both! I like incorporating beautiful pieces into a design, but they still need to be functional. This is especially true in a small house. For instance, I will often use pretty baskets on open shelving so that I can take advantage of some storage while still being pleasing to the eye!


4- Q: What Interior design tips can you share with us? (Finishes, textures, lighting, common rules?)



A: One tip I have is to not buy the whole set of matching furniture! This is especially true for bedroom sets! For your space to feel like a more curated and thoughtful design, pick pieces that compliment each other rather than all matchy-matchy.


5- Q: Can you share with us the latest interior design trends for this season?



A: A trend that I’m loving right now is incorporating thrifted pieces into design! Not only is it good for the environment, but also for your wallet! I love updating thrifted furniture with more modern hardware to really make it a unique piece!


It was a pleasure to learn more about Kassandra and getting her views on home design, as well as "exploring" a few more design tips from her. We hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

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Until next time!