Our Top Organization Tips For A Tidier Home

Our Top Organization Tips For A Tidier Home

As humans, we inherently find comfort in predictability. Predictable = safe and being in control, and this manifests itself through ORGANIZATION. Organization gives us the sense of control we crave in our physical surroundings, but it also allows our emotions and thoughts to be calmer and more relaxed as well. Whether you’re wanting to organize a new home or reorganizing your current space, this task can often feel daunting. People never seem sure where and how to begin and what to tackle first. We’ve put together our best organizational tips to help you get started and regain the sense of control you crave, both inwardly and out. Let’s get you set on the path to have the neat and tidy home of your dreams!


1. Create a plan. 

Your To-Do list


As with any project you’re about to tackle, starting with a plan is an obvious first step. Organizing and decluttering your house is a huge task and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and even be tempted to give up before you start. Putting a plan in place will help keep you focused and motivated. Decide on your top goals and make a schedule. Going room by room, or even think smaller scale such as starting with a section of a room, is definitely a more manageable way to begin the process.


2. Clear everything out of the space.

Organizing kitchen drawer

Starting with a blank slate allows you to visualize how much space you have to work with and get a clear picture of what you have to get rid of. This may be a more difficult task to accomplish if you’re looking to organize an entire room. In that case, trying to break down the room into smaller parts will be helpful. So if you're focusing on your bedroom, start with the nightstands, then move on to dressers and finally closets. In the kitchen, for example, break it down into fridge, cabinets, drawers and pantry.


3. Declutter like your life depends on it.

Decluttered countertop

Now that you’ve cleared everything out and you have your blank slate, the goal is to put back only what is absolutely necessary. The more you can get rid of, the less cluttered and ultimately more organized the space will feel. Often we have a tendency to hold onto things because we feel we’re going to have a use for them one day, but when you think about it, you really use a lot less stuff than you realize. Bottom line is, you can either have the space, OR the stuff, not both!

So what’s the best way to go about decluttering? There are different methods to approach this. You can go the Marie Kondo way and try keeping only items that bring you joy. Or, you can ask yourself if something is the best, your favourite, or necessary. You can also try the 90/90 rule, which is asking yourself if you've used the item in the last 90 days, and if not, will you use it in the next 90?


4. Put similar items together.

 Organize items together

So now that you’ve decluttered, you're tasked with organizing what you’re left with. By grouping like objects together, you can see if you have multiples of certain items that you don’t need. Perhaps you’ll see that certain things that were in one spot would actually be better off stored somewhere else, and you can then move them there. This step also allows you to start seeing what kind of container/bin/drawer/storage vessel you can house things in. A key step to keeping things organized is making sure everything has a designated home that’s easily accessible. This will ensure that you know where to find things when you need them and also where to put them back when you’re finished using them.


5. Have fun with storage containers. 

organizers , organizing bins

You can choose to get fancy and buy some beautiful expensive containers, or you can be more thrifty and purchase some amazing bins, boxes and baskets from the dollar store. You can also get creative and often use what you already have at home such as mason jars, shoe boxes, shipping boxes and other small bowls or containers. You can even think about using smaller bins within larger bins to really help control clutter even more, and make sure that every item - down to the very smallest ones - has a home. Also consider using clear bins and wired metal baskets so you can easily see what’s stored inside them.


6. Label, label, label.

Label containers

A simple yet crucial step in the quest for ultimate organization! Labels can come in many forms, including tags printed from the computer, a Cricut machine, handwriting on adhesive labels, or using a traditional label making machine. Labeling your bins, boxes and other storage vessels allows you to easily see where things are and return them to their proper place


7. Time to refill the space.


So now that you have decluttered your space, organized similar items into groups, put them in appropriate storage options and labeled those containers, it’s time to start putting everything away. The best place to start is with the items you use most often. These should go in the most easy to reach and accessible spots. Items that you utilize more infrequently can be placed in locations that are harder to reach and see. Finally, you can start to fill in all other spaces with whatever is leftover. Remember that things are more likely to stay organized as long as you keep similar items housed together.


8. Return everything to its designated spot.

putting thing back in their right place

In order to keep your space, room, and house in its beautifully organized state, it’s imperative that after using something, you return it to its designated home. This may seem like an obvious step, however, it’s really the most critical one in making sure all your hard work to get everything organized, remains that way for the long term!


We hope you learned some tips about how to organize your home and feel that you can now tackle it in an approachable way. Organizing is an ongoing practice, which means you're never 100% fully done, but getting started on it is half the battle. Don't let the size of your project stop you. Doing something, even if it's small, is better than doing nothing. And think about how great it will feel when you look around at your neatly organized home and know precisely where to find everything! 

** PS If you happen to have any of these items lying around your house, time to throw them away…! Old magazines, movies that are scratched or you no longer watch, burnt out candles, extra cords, old makeup/nail polish/perfume/toothbrushes, near empty bottles of anything, old ties/belts/purses/hats/gloves, worn out shoes, expired food, excessive restaurant sauce packets, old coupons, old cleaning supplies, the surplus of Tupperware you never use, expired medication, old mail/manuals/receipts/paperwork, broken toys, anything with missing pieces (games, puzzles….)** 
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