Spend or Save on Kitchen Renovations

Spend or Save on Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen has always been a place for family and friends to congregate, share good food and wine, or learn to bake with Grandma. It’s very easy to say that the soul of the home is in fact the kitchen, and ideally you want that space to exhibit what is most important to you. It’s always critical to consider your budget and how to allocate those funds for any type of renovation. Whether you're a big family or a self-appointed chef who loves to work on a gas range, these are the areas you should or should not spend your hard-earned money on.
“Spend” statement pieces elevate the look, while “save” pieces fill out your design and save your budget. To help you know how to best allocate your renovation dollars, here are some thoughts on what to spend on and what to save on, in order to get the gorgeous kitchen, you always wanted!


Spend on Countertops!

kitchen countertops worth spending on - renovation

Other than cabinetry, the next most important element of your kitchen remodel is the countertops. While less expensive materials (like wood or laminate) may give you the look you’re trying to achieve, they may not be the most durable. Countertops need to be able to withstand everyday accidents like spills and knocked over dishes, so investing in something that will last is imperative.


Save on Lighting!

kitchen lighting - kitchen design and renovation

Lighting is important in any room of your house but is especially significant in the kitchen. Having suitable lighting doesn’t need to be expensive. Fashionable and sophisticated options can be found to adapt to any budget. What is most key is having the right balance of ambient and task lighting to maximize kitchen space.


Spend on Cabinets!

kitchen cabinets and how important it is to get good ones.

Kitchen cabinetry is an area we always recommend investing in as cabinets are the most impactful element of the kitchen. If you have gorgeous high-end cabinets installed, they can lift your entire kitchen remodel to a new level. Cabinetry also takes up the most visual space in the room, so don’t try to save here, this is a worthwhile investment.


Save on Backsplash!

kitchen backsplash options


Although expensive tiles can help beautify your kitchen, they can eat up your budget rather quickly. Backsplashes won’t have as large of an impact in your kitchen compared to your countertops or cabinets. If you need to cut costs, opt for more price-conscious options like glass or tile that can still give you a stylish and modern look.


Spend on Hardware!

kitchen island with farmhouse cup pulls brass hardware


Cabinet pulls, knobs and handles are one of the most utilized parts of your kitchen. Given that they are in constant use, it’s extremely worthwhile to invest in ones that look beautiful, feel good and are top quality. A good rule of thumb is whatever you handle or touch regularly in your home, should always feel good in your hand. When your hardware looks old, damaged or dated, it can make your entire kitchen feel that way. The nice thing is, you can budget a reasonably small amount in order to get the best looking and best quality hardware for your kitchen.


 Depends on Appliances!

kitchen appliances


Here is an area that is always up for debate. Commercial grade appliances are gorgeous but often very expensive. If the budget is unrealistic for your remodel, there are many similar appliances you can find at more affordable prices. For kitchen appliances, we typically recommend going for options that fit best with your lifestyle. If you aren’t a passionate baker or enjoy cooking, then the recommendation here is to save your money on appliances. On the other hand, if you're an avid cook and spend hours creating delicious meals in the kitchen, then by all means, feel free to increase your appliance budget.


These renovation decisions will allow you to have that beautiful kitchen you always wanted. If you're looking to upgrade your cabinetry and take your kitchen to the next level of luxury, then head on over to our website and have a look at our luxurious knobs and pulls, that will perfectly complement your kitchen renovations.