The Best Closet Organization Ideas

The Best Closet Organization Ideas
We always want our readers to live a happier life, and studies have shown that an organized life brings you closer to that place of serenity. One area in which everyone can improve their tidiness and organization is in their closets. Not only do our closets house our clothes and shoes but also our messes, our storage, and who knows what other treasures! The goal of this article is to help you implement some easy ideas to get your closets in order, so the next time you open it, everything doesn’t come tumbling out on you!


Clothes Audit

folding and sorting clothes to organize your wardrobe

Go through your closet diligently, really think about what looks good on you and what you would actually wear, then donate the rest. Make it fun - do a fashion show for your family or friends and get rid of the items that score low on the like meter. Dump clothes that you haven’t worn for the past year, and if there’s a stain on something and it hasn’t come out, be done with that item too. Finally, do not hang on to sizes you don’t fit into anymore - give things away to friends, family or your local charity.


Hanger Organization

hanger organization to avoid your clothes getting damaged

Some of us tend to use those wire hangers from the dry cleaners, but they can sometimes leave weird kinks in our clothing, and let’s be honest, they’re also not the nicest looking. Many times we have varying hanger types throughout our closet as well. Instead, try and use the same looking hangers and invest in some better quality ones too - and they don’t have to be expensive either. Try to go for lighter coloured hangers since they show off your clothes better, or at least opt for basic coloured ones such as black, ivory, or white.


Keep Items In Categories

grouping items in your wardrobe

Although this seems like a simple task, a lot of people just aren’t in the habit of doing it. Keep tops with tops, dresses with dresses, coats with coats, shoes with shoes, bags with bags, etc. You will always know where to put things away, and exactly how to find what you’re looking for.


Clothes By Colour

organize your clothes by colour

Yes, it could be a little OCD to do this, but if you organize clothing by light to dark, from left to right - it’s a merchandising trick that helps the eye follow the clothes and keeps things looking much more organized. Plus it will make finding items a little easier too.


Highlight The Showstoppers

Highlight the show stoppers

If you have an extra special item of clothing or accessory that you want to showcase, your closet is the perfect place to do that. You may want that exclusive handbag or your shoe splurge to be displayed here and you can do so by placing them on a special shelf. You can even consider painting this visible shelf to match your “elite” accessory!


Shoe Space Savers

organizing the shoe rack, space efficient

If your closet has limited space, don’t worry, there are smart ways to organize those cluttering shoes. If you have more shelf space that’s longer instead of deeper, then place one pair with the toe forward, the other with the heel forward. If your shelf space is deeper but not as wide, then put one shoe in the front and the matching pair in the back behind it.


Add Accessories

jewelry organizer in your wardrobe

Yes, we’re talking accessories for your closet, and there are many to choose from: from tie racks to drawer inserts, belt racks to jewelry organizers, purse stuffers, boot trees (so your boots stand up), and much more. These little genius touches can make a huge difference to your closet feeling like a luxurious boutique.


Fold And Stack

Folding and stacking clothes

Pretend your closet is a retail store and go buy a folding board which will allow you to keep your clothes neatly folded and wrinkle free. If you don’t have space for a full shelving system in your closet, consider buying a hanging cubby to stack your clothes in to help keep things well organized.

These are easy DIY steps that will make you so much happier with the final outcome - a closet you can feel proud of rather than embarrassed to open! If you happen to have drawers or cabinets in your closet, you can upgrade them with any number of our gorgeous knobs and pulls, and our beautiful selection of hooks will also be a perfect complement to your closet organization goals!