The Hottest Spring 2023 Design Trends

The Hottest Spring 2023 Design Trends

After the dark days of Winter, we are all breathing a happy sigh of relief as Spring is officially upon us! With the longer and brighter days ahead, we are craving more light and more brightness. This is the perfect season to start thinking about refreshing, recharging and re-energizing, and that goes not only for ourselves, but our homes as well. This is not to say that you need to completely overhaul your home. You may be looking for a large renovation, an update to one or two rooms, or perhaps a way to just add a few fresh new pieces to one space in your home. Whichever project you’re looking to tackle this season, let’s explore some of the hot Spring decorating trends we’re most excited about!. 



Interior Spring Colours shade of green and Indigo


While soft muted tones (think earthy beiges, vanillas, light greys) continue to be on trend for 2023, as we move into the warmer months, there’s a shift towards incorporating varying shades of greens and blues as well. These are colours we associate with nature and have always been known to decrease stress levels and increase feelings of calm, positivity and happiness. Why would we not want to weave them into our decor! Greens of all shades - pastel, lime, pistachio, sage, avocado, olive, forest (lots of food-coloured greens!) - are very popular this season, as is a trend toward indigo. Indigo evokes the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity and is an eye popping yet soothing colour that works both indoors and out. It’s also a great contrast with neutrals.


Curved Furniture and Architecture

Curved furniture and accessories are another big trend for Spring. Whether popping up in our art pieces, coffee tables, mirrors, couches, chairs, light fixtures, etc., the soft edges bring about feelings of peace and serenity. Additionally, curved architecture is also making a comeback this season. Think archways and rounded wall corners. Straight and angular lines will be seen less and less overall, as there’s a shift towards the light, airy and playful curves that lend themselves to all decor, from traditional to more modern styles. While curved designs do add a sense of femininity to a space, don’t let that deter you. Adding just one curved element in your room is the perfect way to create an air of trendy softness without being overwhelmingly feminine. 



 Natural Lighting Fresh interior home


For Spring, we’re seeing more recessed lighting, and are looking at floor and table lamps to create ambience as opposed to brighter overhead lighting. There’s a trend towards lamps as being more decorative and embellished with lots of detail, like beautiful works of art. As well, we’re seeing more fabric and paper covered lamps, a style which also happens to be eco-friendly! There’s also a greater movement towards natural light and leaving big windows bare or covered with very sheer curtains so as to maximize the organic light coming in. Again, as with the soothing colours and curved decor discussed above, natural light serves to boost our mood plus instill calmness and tranquillity.



Outdoors colours and decor for indoors


Spring is the natural season to start melding the outdoors and indoors together. Flowers are starting to bloom, birds are chirping, and we can finally see grass again! It only makes sense that we look towards nature to get inspiration this time of year. You’ll see a trend towards florals that will look fantastic with any of the colour schemes referenced earlier, as well as other organic materials such as raffia, wood, straw, rattan and wicker accents that provide lots of depth and texture. We’re also seeing plants being incorporated into decor more, and this is called ‘biophilic design’. One way to embody this trend may be to have a small greenhouse set up in your kitchen, and another way is to have botanical (think trees and leaves) inspired prints and tapestry woven into your decor.



Vintage Retro home interior decor


There’s a Spring 2023 trend of adding retro elements into our decor. We’re talking throwbacks to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. There’s a push towards everything from art-deco styles such as bold floral fabrics and patterns, to earthy monochromatic spaces. We’re also seeing glass and mirrored lighting, textured area rugs, and throwback seating made from rattan and other natural materials. You can also consider art that depicts images from a bygone era, or even incorporate some nostalgic decor pieces such as a rotary phone, or a single bulb light fixture which can fit nicely into whatever the current style of your space is.


So, there you have it, some top trending Spring design inspiration! Whether you decide to incorporate one, a couple, or all of these upcoming hot trends, you can be sure that our beautiful hardware will fit perfectly into all of your rooms, whatever your style is! 

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