The Pull, The Knob, Or Both? The Guide That Will Settle The Debate!

The Pull, The Knob, Or Both?  The Guide That Will Settle The Debate!

We know renovations aren’t all fun and games. There is a great deal of planning, organizing, and decision making that needs to take place prior to the execution of it.

Bottom line, it can get a little overwhelming, to the point where some minor decisions, would take way too much time and energy.

Enter our Pull V/S Knob Guide which will serve as inspiration and help you with your decision-making process. 


Bathroom vanity with pulls     kitchen


Knobs V/S Pulls

Unlike popular opinions, this is not a situation of “Team pulls V/S Team Knobs”. It all comes down to a matter of taste, what style are you looking for and the mobility of family members. 

There are many options and combinations to choose from. For now, we will address the most common three:

- All Knobs

- All Pulls

- Mix of Knob & Pulls

Let's dive into it, shall we?


1- All Knobs

Kitchen cabinets with knobs on upper and lower cabinets


The 1st noticeable feature about knobs, is that they are smaller in size compared to pulls. If you go for the minimalist look, by having cabinet knobs on the upper and lower cabinets, here’s what to expect:

They have a more subtle appearance, and will give way for the stunning cabinetry finish, or that backsplash in your kitchen. It just provides the main focus of your specific room more of a chance to shine. In this case, they will be more like the sidekick of a really awesome superhero.

They will support the final look, by lifting the space altogether, yet keeping the attention to the elements that will steal the show!

You can check out our selection of beautiful knobs HERE.


2- All Pulls

Cabinet pulls


If you are looking to compliment the elements in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and bring out all their features, cabinet pulls are the direction to go for.

Apart from the fact that they are easier to operate, they reduce contact on the cabinet itself, leaving it cleaner for a longer period of time.

Pulls have an unmissable presence in your kitchen. Installed horizontally or vertically, it is a winning choice for a beautiful result!

There is a wider range of choices and models with door pulls. Match or clash the colours of the pulls and the cabinets, the choice is yours.


3 – Mixing Knobs & Pulls

Knobs on upper and lower cabinets


When you’re neither, Team Knobs or Team Pulls, but you love having both, it is more than ok to mix them together. Do not worry, finding the right colour, shape and balance will leave them looking harmonious and give a great effect!

You can choose to:

1 - Use knobs on the upper cabinets & Pulls on the lower cabinets:

Knobs on the upper cabinets, give advantages such as mobility to the wrist when opening and closing, no matter how you’re positioned to the cabinet.

Having pulls installed on the lower cabinets, can help reduce impact of the hands and keep them clean. They are also easier to use by family members who have limited mobility. You can also go for the horizontal installation or vertical (in regards to cabinets).

2 – Knobs on Cabinet and Pulls on Drawers

Knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers

This is another option that you can follow if you feel like mixing both hardware choices in your home.

Note that this can work for your kitchen cabinets, your closets or pantry.

It all comes down to your personal preference and the style you are going for!

3- For double stacked cabinetry

You are also able to choose whether you want to install pulls on the lower cabinets and knobs on the highest cabinets, or vice versa! Functionality is provided by both handles equally!


4 – One more player in the game!

Modern Kitchen Design With farmhouse Cuppulls


Last but not least, let’s not forget Team Farmhouse Cup Pull!

These cup pulls look stunning and give a special character to your interior home.

Opening and closing motion is simple. Another benefit to the Farmhouse Cup Pulls is cleaning them. It is very easy and resistant to stains.

If you want to take it a step further with your interior home decor, we offer a wider range of pulls that can be installed on practically any cabinet or closet door/drawer that needs to open!

We invite you to check out all the pulls we hold in our collection! Simply click here and we will take you there!

 Phantom pulls pulls


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Until next time...Happy Decorating!