Upgrading Your Home Office

Upgrading Your Home Office

With many of us still working remotely from home and those who just like to have a workspace of our own, it’s important to create an office that inspires creativity and promotes productivity. Whether you're just starting the process of designing your office space, or looking to update your existing workspace, you should read below for some great home office upgrade ideas!




desktop work space decorated and organized decluttered


A disorganized and cluttered workspace can impact your productivity and even make you cranky! It’s important to take the time to assess the area and make a plan of where to place, store or throw items out. Toss or donate anything you have not used in the past year, and what remains you will want to organize in an orderly fashion. There are many different storage solutions and options such as desk organizers, filing cabinets, shelves, and basket/bins that will help you keep things in their place so you can reach for what you need when you need it.



Window sunlight office natural light


There are two important light sources that you will need in your office, natural light - when possible - and proper task lighting. Position your desk near a window to maximize your exposure to natural light. In addition to brightening up your space, sunlight boosts your energy and mood, which in turn, increases your productivity. Supplement natural lighting with task lighting, such as under cabinet lights and/or a flexible desk lamp. When it comes to buying lights for your office, consider LED bulbs which provide brighter and more energy-efficient output.



 Colorful office energetic and calming inspiring tones


Consider paint and furniture colours that instill a productive and positive environment. Calming shades of light greens and blues create a sense of peace and tranquility, which is a definite need with the stresses of your daily workload. You may desire pops of brighter colours, such as orange or yellow, which can help you feel more creative and energized during your workday.



adjustable desk, customizable height, mobile desk


While spending hours a day in your office, it’s imperative that you are comfortable in your workspace. Your physical well-being is critical for keeping your focus and preventing discomfort. You may want to think about shopping for some new office furniture, such as an adjustable desk, that enables you to alternate between sitting and standing. It’s important to test out any chair you’re going to buy, to ensure that you have maximum back support and overall comfort.



noise cancelling headphones to focus and reduce distraction


Nothing is worse than being on a work call when you hear a baby crying or a dog barking in the background! Try to minimize these distracting noises by utilizing various soundproofing materials, for example acoustic panels and/or noise-cancelling headphones. These steps will allow you to better concentrate on your tasks and keep you focused.



Personalize your space, frames and plants


Yes, your office is already within your home, but it’s still important to personalize it and make it distinctive to you. You can do so by displaying photographs, artwork and/or inspiring quotes that motivate and speak to you. Bringing in plants is a nice way to surround yourself with a bit of nature and some extra oxygen to increase your brain focus.


By incorporating these home office upgrades, you can design your workspace to better support your physical and mental health, along with improved productivity. Take the time to invest in your workspace in order to increase your efficiency and get even more pleasure from working at home. Head over to see our collection of gorgeous handles and knobs for your office door, as well as beautiful pulls for your furniture drawers and cabinets.