What’s So Great About Interior Sliding Doors?

What’s So Great About Interior Sliding Doors?

Doors no longer merely serve the purpose of separating spaces. There are many different types of doors that you can install in your home which will invigorate the space and add varying functional elements. In this article, we will explore why sliding doors are one fantastic way to ramp up the interior design in your home and break down why you may want to choose a sliding door over a standard swing one for your next renovation.



Sliding barn door with door pull compact living space


Sliding or bypass doors are installed along a track to allow the doors to slide past one another. Pocket doors on the other hand, tuck away into the recesses of a wall. Whether you’re looking into sliding or pocket doors, they both provide excellent space saving options for inside your home, as they don’t require the space that the arc of a swing door does. If you’re living in a smaller home this may be particularly important, as with a traditional swing door you have to be much more mindful about your furniture placement.



Sliding pocket door to separate living areas

Although we love modern open floor-plan layouts, sliding doors are a great way to be able to separate zones within a home. For example, think about having the option to close off the kitchen from the dining/living area, separating a kids room into a sleeping area and play area, closing off an office from a more common area, or sectioning off a home gym from the rest of the room/floorplan. Sliding doors between two areas of a room or between two connecting rooms definitely allow you much more flexibility to play around with indoor configurations.



Sliding doors accessibility ease of operation kids opening the door


Another great advantage of sliding doors is how easy they are to operate. No matter one’s size, age, level of strength or mobility, a sliding door is the perfect option. Anyone can easily operate a sliding door panel as they are more user friendly than opening a door handle and requires little energy to slide open or closed. This also makes sliding doors a great option for senior living spaces.



Room Separating sliding door, wooden and glass

Sliding doors easily open up the spaces in your home without having a clunky obstacle like a standard swing door in the way. This makes it so that there is more movement between the two spaces/rooms. You can also easily play around with how much flow you want by opening the sliding doors more or less.



Dining room sliding door separator pocket door with see through glass


If you’d like to create even more openness, you can install sliding doors that have glass inserts. This way, you can have your sliding doors which will divide the spaces, but you don’t have to block out all the light that streams into each of the rooms. If you still want some privacy between the two areas, but don’t want to shut out the brightness and all the connection between them, you may opt for frosted or more decorative glass inserts. Both transparent and frosted glass inserts will optimize the natural light within your home.



Sliding doors apartment separators

Sliding doors make everything look neat and evenly aligned across your rooms and walls. This is something that a swing door can’t as easily provide given that they create an obstacle when open, hence interrupting natural flow. A sliding door also serves to neatly hide whatever is behind it - a messy closet, pantry, gym, laundry/mud room, study or craft area.



Sliding doors multiple uses for better space saving

Sliding doors are extremely versatile as you can essentially use them in any area in your house. They can replace any interior doors, be it bathroom, bedroom, closet, laundry, or office. Or they can be utilized as partitions to separate areas both between and within rooms. They come in a multitude of styles, colours, sizes, and finishes, so you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment to suit all your needs and preferences.


 DIY home renovation - or done by professionals


After taking a few measurements and ordering your doors, installing them is something you can do on your own with a few tools. If you don’t like the look of the tracks along the top, you can always consult with or hire a professional to recess the hardware into the doorframe, creating a neat and seamless look.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY’r or having your sliding doors professionally installed, you NEED to check out our beautiful new addition sliding door kits which come in three gorgeous finishes and 2 functions that will be perfect for any sliding or pocket door in your space!


Sliding doors have been gaining in popularity over the last several years, and we hope you now see why! Their versatility and plethora of great benefits may make them the perfect solution when you feel your home is in need of a space-efficient yet aesthetically pleasing upgrade!